Rambo Memorial 3 on 3 Tournament

Join us for the next Rambo Memorial 3 on 3 tournament. It will take place at Mount Royal University in the triple Gymnasium on Saturday Sept 20, 2014.

This is a points tournament this year set at 10 points per team. Women, Juniors and 'New' players are all -1 point.

We are going to have referees join us this year. There will be 1 ref per court.

Rules for this year:

- Change of posession after each bucket.

- All 3 offensive players must clear 3 point line.

- 10 min run time games. If tied, 2 min overtime.

- Referees to count 25 second shot clock.

- 1 point per bucket, 2 points from beyond the arc.


Registration form has space for 4 names. You may sign up with 3 or if you would like a substitute you can sign up with 4.

Registration deadline will be Wednesday Sept 17, 2014.

Click here to download registration form, then email the completed form back to: grizzlies@calgarygrizzlies.ab.ca

Once the registration form has been completed and submitted, please send registration payment via the Pal Pal link below.

Please add the team name then click to link. Thank you.

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